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VBS Snack Ideas

What's VBS without the snacks!?


Click "Download" to take a look at different ways you can provide themed snacks, or just good ol' tasty snacks.

A few things to think about: 

  • While some of these ideas are specific to each day of VBS, some are “labor” intensive. We’ve given suggestions along the way for easier alternatives. Our hope is to give you lots of options so you can find one that works best for your environment!

  • The first snack suggestion for each day pertains to the overall “PRESS PLAY” theme and could be used any of the five days. The last two snack ideas are specific to that day’s Bottom Line or Bible Story.

  • We suggest serving water with all snacks listed below.

  • You will notice that one option below is marked as “virtual.” Some of the virtual options are more labor intensive and are better served to children at home or in small groups.

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Whether you lost it or just want a digital version, you'll find everything you need from our in-home VBS Kits right here.

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