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Want to train your whole Kid's Ministry team, but can't afford to take all of them to an expensive conference?


We've got you covered!!


Ryan Frank

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Beth Frank

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Angela Parks

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Chuck Peters

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Chizzy Anderson

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Matt McKay

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 6.28.44 PM.png

Josh Zello

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Gloria Lee

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 6.27.56 PM.png

Corey Jones

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Amber Pike

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Josh Mulvihill


9:00 | Global Kidmin Day Begins

9:10 | Session 1: Jesus Centered Leaders with Ryan & Beth Frank


Session Overview: What does a Jesus centered leader look like? Global Kidmin Day 2022 will kick off with a session focusing on you the leader, and your walk with Christ.  


9:25 | Session 2: Jesus’ Love for Today’s Kids with Chizzy Anderson


Session Overview: Today, more than ever, children need to know the love of Christ and who they are in Christ. Discover practical ways you can share the Love of Jesus with every child and make your church welcoming to all children. 


9:40 | Session 3: Jesus for Every Age - A Round Table Discussion


Session Overview: How do you teach different age groups, when children are developmentally at different levels? This round table discussion will give you the tips and the tools you need. 


10:00 | Group Discussions and Individual Reflection


10:15 | Worship


10:30 | Session 4: Jesus’ Story with Matt McKay


Session Overview: The Bible is more than just a collection of random stories, it’s God’s story. During this lesson, leaders will be reminded of not only the importance of teaching God’s story (and the biblical narrative), but also be given some practical tools to connect children to God’s story (and make it come alive!)


10:45 | Session 5: Jesus Connected Kids with Chuck Peters


Session Overview: A child’s decision to give their life to Christ is the most important decision they can make. This practical training will help leaders walk a child through this process, going over some key do’s and don’ts. 


11:00 | Session 6: Jesus Party with Amber Pike


Session Overview: Leaders, you GET to teach the Word of God to boys and girls! Don’t make it boring! This session will give you some practical tools to add to your tool belt of making the Word come alive!


11:15 | Group Discussions and Individual Reflection


11:30 | Session 7: Jesus Followers for Life with Josh Mulvihill


Session Overview: How do you teach to instill lifelong discipleship in boys and girls? From tips on equipping and resourcing mom and dad to connecting church and home to relationship building, this session will remind you of the ultimate purpose behind what you do – creating lifelong followers of Jesus. 


11:45 | Closing Words & Dismissal



You can get conference level training for your team for just $5/person. This small registration fee includes:

  • 3 hours of incredible Kid's Ministry focused training

  • Continental style breakfast for you and your team

  • Conference booklet and materials

  • Chances to win some fun prizes

  • A day you and your team will never forget!



The deadline for registration is Wednesday, September 7th. You can register as a team or as an individual. But whatever you do, get signed up for this amazing training. You won't regret it!

Questions? Contact Josh Doebler at or 541-852-0880

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